E-Commerce & Logistics Sector

Rwanda knows about the high potential of e-Commerce for its economic development, but is also aware of obstacles SMEs face when trying to tap into this promising sector. To address them, MINICOM created the ICT4COM policy to set the framework for an engagingICT-driven economy.

Together with the International Trade Centre (ITC), DHL and MINICOM, Eco-Emploi aims to boost understanding and usability of modern technologies among Rwandan producers and suppliers of goods and services. These factors will help SMEs to succeed in e-Commerce: access to markets and having the right tools and support.

To implement this strategy, a comprehensive network of partners, amongst others, MINICOM, the International Trade Centre (ITC), the Rwandan Development Board, the Workforce Development Authority (WDA), several national logistics providers and DHL, formed a core group, which brings together all partners to coordinate all activities and to provide leadership and guidance.

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