Creative Industry sector

For Rwanda to develop a strong audio-visual sector, it is necessaryto promote up- and downstream production infrastructure as well asskills training. Furthermore, to become a strong revenue generatingeconomic sector, intellectual property rights need to be establishedand enforced.

The Promotion of Economy and Employment Programme (Eco-Emploi)supports the audio-visual sector by promoting a business friendlyenvironment. Good growth conditions include a clearly defined legalposition and a reliable production infrastructure.

Therefore, partnersfrom public and private sector, amongst others, the Ministry of Tradeand Industry (MINICOM), the Rwanda Development Board (RDB),Rwandan Art Council (RAC) and the private sector have set up a coregroup to coordinate and advise on the interventions regarding theseobjectives. Meanwhile, Eco-Emploi acts as a facilitator between thevarious actors from government to private sector.

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