Master Instructors in Carpentry boost local trade to new level

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After five days of intense theoretical and practical exams, 16 Master Instructors in Carpentry (MIC) graduated from Rubengera Technical Secondary School (RTSS) and its international partners on March 23rd, 2019.

The graduation ceremony was the crowning end to a series of further trainings in the realm of Training of Trainers trainings, in which the graduates successfully participated over the past four years. The trainings were developed, organised and managed by RTSS. The title Master Instructor in Carpentry acknowledges the hard-earned skills upgrade and indicates a new level of know-how in carpentry in Rwanda.

The final assessment workshop consisted of different practical exams and expert talks, in which the participants were tested in performing planning, production, theory, instruction and reflection competence. These topics are of high importance for the daily work of the graduates, most of them being TVET trainers and in-company trainers. The certificate strengthens the graduates not only in their position as professional instructors, but also in their role as multipliers promoting professionalism and capacity development in the wood sector. It is particularly pleasing to see that there are two women among the 16 MICs. The two female MICs act as role models for other women and girls to aspire a career in non-traditional female trades such as carpentry.

RTSS developed the final examination as well as the accreditation for Master Instructors in Carpentry together with its international partners. The accreditation considers the Rwandan Competency Based Assessment (CBA) methodology and combines it with the German assessment methodology for technical instructors and master carpenters. Eco-Emploi and the German private sector partners have financially supported the assessment workshop.

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