Globally, the audio-visual sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors with an increasing demand for content from Africa. In Rwanda, the sector is still young and small, but promising: the number of locally produced content distributed online, via cinemas or television stations, is constantly growing. Rwanda does not yet have the recognition as a destination for international film productions. Moreover, the local film market requires profitable production and distribution systems to provide sufficient income opportunities for Rwandan film makers.

Therefore, Eco-Emploi supports Rwanda in developing a thriving audio-visual sector by promoting institutional frameworks, skills training, entrepreneurship development, regional and international networking – and thus contributes to positioning Rwanda as an international film destination. This is expected to improve the quality of existing jobs and contribute to creating new jobs in the audio-visual sector – from the development phase over production and post-production to marketing and distribution. It is expected that international productions in Rwanda will lead to more tourist visits and a higher appreciation of products made in Rwanda, thereby contributing to sustainable economic growth in the country.

Some Interventions

Rwanda Film Office

The Rwanda Film Office by the Rwanda Development Board serves as a one-stop-shop for the global as well as the domestic film industry, promoting local and international film productions in the country. Eco-Emploi supports the Film Office in providing information on film locations and pooling local experts through setting up digital services and respective database systems. With the aim to promote Rwandan film makers and regional as well as international co-productions, Eco-Emploi supports the Film Office in setting up a Rwandan Film Fund. This Fund would be the first in East Africa, and further boost the competitiveness of Rwanda as a film destination. Moreover, the project supports international marketing activities of the Rwanda Film Office to connect it with clients and investors worldwide, for example on film festivals.

Production hub for digital learning content

Eco-Emploi supports professionals in the audio-visual sector to transform Rwanda into a production hub for digital learning content. The project provides market information and skills development to Rwandan production houses, for instance through specific entrepreneurship trainings.

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Photo training
Filming sceneries