A new way to study for Rwanda’s TVET students: Up-to-date books prepare students to enter the job market with greater knowledge

Eco-Emploi handed over the first 1.000 out of 4.000 new textbooks to the Workforce Development Authority (WDA) for distribution to TVET Schools. The new textbooks ensure hands-on skills building using cutting-edge learning material in the fields of Wood Technology, Tourism and ICT. With the new textbooks, TVET schools and students receive an upgrade on education material covering topics like Carpentry, Ecotourism & Hospitality and Network Administration. 

Together with the textbooks, the TVET schools Nyamata, Mpanda, and Rubengera received carpentry materials like timber and workshop tools to further enhance the Workplace Learning approach. Workplace Learning supports in-company training for employees to further improve their qualification and is coordinated by WDA in partnership with the schools mentioned.  

TVET, Technical and Vocational Education and Training, helps to acquire practical skills while offering theoretical education at the same time. Combining practical and theoretical knowledge leads to a diverse skillsets and an advantage for graduates entering the job market.


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