Support is provided to MIFOTRA and NISR to develop a Labour Market Information and Analysis (LMIA) system in Rwanda; advisory services to the City of Kigali (CoK)/ KESC; as well as support of WDA and CoK/ KESC to develop and test a Career Guidance approach at TVET-institutions in Kigali:Development of a LMIA-system:

Development of a LMIA-system:

  • MIFOTRA’s LMIA-team was established and trained on basic LMIA-concepts, tools and practices and an inter-organisational LMIA technical committee was found that brings users and producers of labour market information and its analysis together on a quarterly basis
  • A Labour Force Survey (LFS) was designed jointly with NISR and a LFS pilot round was conducted in February 2016 with the objective for the future to provide labour statistics in line with internationally recommended statistics standards on an annual basis
  • MIFOTRA’s computer based Labour Market Information System (LMIS) has been gradually upgraded to provide more and better quality administrative labour market information – enabling the production of analytical labour market reports based on administrative labour market information.

KESC offered trainings and services to 1350 job seekers and placed 441 jobseekers – 361 in jobs and 80 in internships. 2 job fairs conducted by KESC attracted over 1000 job seekers and 60 employers. New services for job seekers and TVET students, such as English Training, a Women Mentorship Programme and services for people with disabilities, were piloted. Client satisfaction with KESC is high with 89 % of interviews job seekers and 95% of interviewed employers

A Career guidance approach has been developed and implemented throughout a 1-year-pilot phase: 20 TVET-trainers and 1 WDA officer have been trained in Career Coaching and 1 KESC-staff member was trained in delivering Career Coaching Training. A Career Coaching Course was offered at 10 TVET-schools in Kigali attracting more than 250 students as extra curricular subject.

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