Adding more skills to your professional profile can be difficult.  With the support of the Musanze Employment Service Center it becomes manageable, like Eco-Emploi’s latest ICT-training shows.

The Musanze Employed Service Center (MESC) and Eco-Emploi programme trained 19 young women, all recently graduated as accountants and registered with MESC as job seekers, in developing ICT-skills. Being registered with MESC, the participants benefitted from MESC’s well-designed services and provided infrastructure, which helps to prepare for employment. MESC’s support and the workshop improved the women’s professional competencies and increased their chances of employment. During the 12-day training, ten days were dedicated to computer fundamentals related to field of accounting, like the specific use of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint to correctly process and present data. The last two days focused on business and communication skills, both important competences to succeed in the business world.


After successful completion, the women received a certificate of ICT-literacy and a recommendation letter from the MESC. Twelve participants found immediate internships and two of the internships already transformed into temporary employment. With their newly gained skills, the previously unemployed women feel empowered to participate fully in economic life across all sectors, with the employment opportunities taking place in industries like tourism, finance, public and business administration or health.


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