Support for private sector development focuses on improving the service delivery of the Private Sector Federation (PSF) and its chambers and associations. At the district level, significant improvements in the business environment have been achieved through the implementation of the RPPD mechanism (Rwanda Public Private Dialogue).

• 145 district dialogues have been conducted, which led to 388 resolutions with a direct impact on the business performance of SMEs. These successes of PPD have pushed districts like Nyarugenge, Huye, Gakenke and Nyabihu to integrate the mechanism into their district performance contracts “Imihigo”.
• The Nucleus Approach as a demand driven BDS aims to strengthen SMEs through group counselling. PSF provides this BDS currently to 27 active groups consisting of more than 350 enterprises. Activities organised by the Nucleus groups include trainings for accounting, benchmarking visits and joint presentations on trade fairs.
• Together with the Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs of Rwanda economic challenges of business women have been identified and targeted. Business women received entrepreneurship trainings (e.g. CEFE), developed solutions for business barriers via RPPD and organized awareness campaigns (“Proud of Her Campaign”, “Advocacy Forum for Women in Business”).

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