The ICT Chamber, with the assistance of Eco-Emploi, addresses the skills mismatch in Rwanda’s ICT sector by incubating a programme that aims to teach women essential programming skills to compete in the job market of the 21st century. ‘We Code Lab’ is a programming academy and software agency, offering micro-degrees and high class IT training to working age Rwandan women who do not necessarily have a prior degree or work experience in the field of ICT.

Additionally, the program’s software agency transitions successful graduates straight into employment for a period of six months, teaching them important employment skills as well as how to succeed on international freelance platforms. The beginner courses do not require a prior degree or work experience in ICT, while the advanced courses have specific requirements that have to be met prior to the start of the course. Applicants are selected using a series of comprehensive data points while hands-on skill building is provided using cutting edge learning science. The focus of the programme is to develop expertise in the most in-demand ICT skills according to the Rwandan masterplan 2020 and in exchange with representatives from the industry, to foster the next generation of tech leaders in the country.

We Code Lab will start in Kigali and a secondary city to gain an understanding of the specific local challenges and opportunities in Rwanda. This will lead to a sustainable project outcome in the longer run. The learnings will be used to adjust the project efforts accordingly and to scale the programme across Rwanda in 2018.

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