Guidelines for the Call for Proposals along the Kivu Belt Region


The call for proposals is an initiative that was set up to boost the tourism sector along the Kivu Belt region with the creation of new innovative tourism products or the extension and upgrading of already existing tourism products in the region such as dancing troops, souvenir shops, local meals among others.

The graduates will compete for the best business ideas and will present their case to a professional jury. The business ideas should focus on activities and adventure tourism with the aim of building attractive innovative packages in the Kivu Belt so that more tourists come to the region and spend more time.

The initiative will bring together actors from both the private and public sector with interest in boosting the tourism sector in Rwanda i.e. the Chamber of Tourism and the Destination Management Unit (DMU)[1], I&M Bank, BDF, RDB and universities such as Musanze Polytechnic, Muhabura Integrated Polytechnic and UTB- Rubavu.  


The main objective of the call for proposals is to enable the graduates of tourism institutes develop unique and innovative tourism products that will attract more tourists to the region. Through this competition, 25 young tourism graduates will receive credit and a two-year long mentoring service for setting up their innovative tourism projects/ businesses in the Kivu Belt region. These start-ups should have the ability to employ at least 3-5 people within a period of two years. On average, up to 100 jobs will directly be created because of this intervention. The aim is not to promote investments in new hotels. Applicants will therefore be expected to focus on;

  1. The extension or upgrading of tourism products that already exist in the Kivu Belt region (for example souvenir shops, dancing troops, local meals, honey collection etc.)
  2. The development of innovative tourism products that can boost tourism along this region e.g. water based tourism, adventure tourism among others.


Documents for submission:

  • Business plan up 10-20 pages
  • Application form (use the template provided)


Applicants during this call should follow the guide below:


Summary of the project  –  A brief description of your business idea/product is needed

–  What is your vision while starting up this business/company?

–  An introduction of the entrepreneur and why he/she wants to start this business

–  A motivation statement (a summary of why your project should be chosen over the other projects)

–  Attach CVs of all the partners in your company

The Product/ Service –  A description of the product or service and what value it will create for the clients.

–  How will the applicant operate this business? Where will the business be located and what is required to start this business (resources)? The applicant will also be expected to explain how he/ she will get these resources.

– What is exciting about this product compared to the other products that are available and would attract tourists to the region?

Market Overview –  What market will the applicant target with this product/ service? Explain if it will be targeting the international or local tourists.

– What is the size of your potential market? To estimate this, consider the number of people that will be interested in this product and make your estimate based on this.

– Is your product/ service new? Do similar products/ services exist in the region? Why is it different from others and how will you make sure people buy your product/service instead of other similar products.

Company Structure (1 Page) –  Will you set up the business by yourself or will you work with others? What will your role be and if you intend on working with others what will their role be?

–  What type of expertise, competences and skills are required for the business and how will you acquire these expertise and skills?

Success and Risk Factors (1 page) – What is needed besides money to make your business successful?

– Use the SWOT Analysis to map opportunities and risks and include the source of the risk, the probability of happening, the effect of it happening and what measures you can take to avoid it/lower the impact

Financial and Investment Plan (2 pages) – Make a calculation of how much money you need to start-up your business considering the resources you will need for the business to start running and the fees of registering the business

Deadline: Applicants should submit their proposals by 9th April 2018 to

Only selected applicants will be given feedback by the 19th of April 2018.

Kindly check the link:

Application Form for the Call for Proposals

[1] A Destination Management Union (DMU) is a union of private and public tourism institutions and interested parties working towards the common goal to promote tourism in a specific area with the responsibility of coordinating activities like developing and diversifying tourism products as well as coordinating actors especially for marketing efforts. The DMU is hosted by the Chamber of Tourism.



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